Western Mass anti-pipeline group MassPLAN mobilizes against Canadian LNG export facility

The Western Massachusetts-based anti-pipeline group MassPLAN petitioned this week to intervene in a U.S. Dept. of Energy proceeding that would authorize the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through a planned Canadian shipping port.

An "overall scheme of massive pipeline expansion and export of natural gas" is not in the public interest, said MassPLAN director Katherine Eiseman in a statement. MassPLAN stands for Massachusetts Pipeline Awareness Network.

The application from Pieridae Energy requests 20-year authorization to export up to 800 million cubic feet of domestically-produced natural gas per day through the Goldboro LNG facility, which is currently under development in Nova Scotia.

LNG is created by compressing and cooling methane gas to -260 degrees Farenheit. The resultant liquid is 600 times more compact than the fuel in its gaseous form, and is easily transportable. At its destination, LNG can be regasified and distributed.

Pieridae seeks permission from the DOE to liquefy natural gas sourced from the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, which runs through Maine, and export it via tanker ship to countries with which the United States does not have a free trade agreement, and with which trade is not otherwise prohibited, according to a Dec. 10 notice in the Federal Register.

The Maritimes & Northeast pipeline, which currently runs north-south from Nova Scotia to a distribution hub in Dracut, Mass., would have to reverse direction in order to deliver natural gas f....

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