We are not the cause for falling marine sector

A research conducted by Acorn International, a US-based research group in conjunction the Environmental Protection Agency and Kosmos Energy has shown that the oil and gas sector is not to blame for the dwindling marine sector in the coastal areas where the oil companies operate.

The research, which was conducted for eight months, was to provide a better understanding of issues affecting the use of marine resources.

Speaking at the launch of the report on Tuesday, Mr Dean Slocum, President, Acorn International, said the presence of seaweeds also known as sargassum, which is particularly present in the Western Region, was one of the major factors as it had affected the livelihood of the fisher folks.

Other common algae that raises concern to fishermen in the region is Ulva clathrata known locally as green green which is found along the coastline of Ivory Coast, is also one of the causes, he said.

Mr Slocum said illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing which has become a global challenge in the fishing industry was also playing a significant role in contributing to the depleting stocks.

He said residents interviewed for the study expressed concerns that fishermen continue to use illegal means to capture fish including the use of lights, explosives and dynamite.

On the issue of dead whales and dolphins, he attributed it to fishermen who kill them as by-catch or targeted catch.

Mr Slocum said an interview with Ghanaian marine scientists and members of fishing communities support....

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