Trump's Infrastructure Plan 'A Joke,' Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell Says

The Trump administration's infrastructure plan is finally out.

The headline number is $1.5 trillion, but only $200 billion of that would come from the federal government. Cities, states and private investment would make up the rest.

Ed Rendell (@GovEdRendell), former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, says shifting much of the funding burden onto states will have a negative impact.

"States just are not gonna be able to take advantage of even this limited amount of money," Rendell, also a co-founder of Building America's Future, tells Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson. "It does virtually nothing to help infrastructure development. It's very disappointing."

On initial reactions to President Trump's infrastructure plan

"It's a joke. There is no plan. The American Society of Civil Engineers says to get our infrastructure back to 'fair' condition, we have to spend $2 trillion in the next 10 years above what we've been spending. The Trump plan only devotes $200 billion, that's $20 billion a year, to the infrastructure revitalization — that's 10 percent of what the American Society of Civil Engineers recommends. And they're not doing it with new revenue, they're doing it by cutting other parts of the budget. So we're not even sure that they'll get to $20 billion a year on a yearly basis. So it's a joke.

"The president during the campaign said he was gonna spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. He's not doing that, he's spending 20 percent of that. The president said he was gonna do big proje....

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