TN lawmakers respond to Pres. Trump's tariff proclamation - WBRC FOX6 News


Tennessee lawmakers are speaking out against the proclamation Pres. Donal Trump signed Thursday afternoon imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum exports, vowing to fight back against an "assault on our country" by foreign competitors.

The measure would impose a 25-percent tax on steel and a 10-percent tax on aluminum imports to the United States. 

Pres. Trump said the excess of imported steel and aluminum is a “travesty” that hurts American workers and industries “ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices.”

However, many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have since voiced major disapproval of the president's decision. 

"This is especially bad news for Tennesseans," Sen. Lamar Alexander said Monday on the Senate floor. "It will now be cheaper for some Tennessee auto parts suppliers to move outside the United States, buy steel and aluminum there, and then ship finished parts back to our country.”

In another statement released today, Alexander said the threat of the steel tariffs caused Electrolux, the largest home-appliance manufacture in Europe, to halt a $250 million expansion in Springfield, Tenn. 

Other Tennessee-based companies, like Brown-Forman's Jack Daniels, have criticized the president's decision. 

Other current and former state leaders, including Sen. Bob Corker and former Gov. Phil Bredesen, have also weighed in on the issue. 

However, Tennessee lawmakers aren't the only ones against the tariffs. A Republican senator from Arizon....

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