The world's longest and weirdest borders and the quickest way to visit every country in the EU

Germany shares a land border with nine other countries -

China's military spending was $215.7bn in 2016. Given that it shares a border with more territories than any other country, perhaps that should not come as a surprise. 

The most populous nation on the planet has 16 unique land neighbours, with 22,147km of land borders (also a record).

They are: Afghanistan (76km), Bhutan (470km), Hong Kong (30km), India (3 borders totalling 3,380km), Kazakhstan (1,533km), North Korea (1,416km), Kyrgyzstan (858km), Laos (423km), Macau (0.34km), Mongolia (4,677km), Myanmar (2,185km), Nepal (1,236km), Pakistan (523km), Russia (2 borders totalling 3,645km), Tajikistan (414km) and Vietnam (1,281km). That's a lot of armed guards and passport control stations. 

A couple of its borders are particularly interesting. Trains crossing between Mongolia and China need to have their wheels changed at the town of Erlian. That's because railway tracks in China are narrower than in Mongolia. It takes several hours to perform this monumental operation and passengers must remain on board throughout.

Those who scale Everest can not only brag of climbing the worlds highest peak, but can also claim to straddle the worlds highest border: this icy peak is a natural frontier between Nepal and China. 

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