The ultimate trip: Around the world in style

By Jen Rose Smith CNN

(CNN) -- When the RMS Queen Mary sailed from Britain to New York City in 1936, the elegant ship made the trip in just over four days, snatching the prestigious speed record for trans-Atlantic passenger liners.

As the Queen Mary cut through the waves, first-class passengers mingled in a Grand Salon lined with Art Deco masterpieces, then dressed up for seven-course dinners served in a soaring dining room.

For the chic travelers of the 1930s, speed was just another glamorous perk. Now that you can zip from London to New York in under eight hours, traveling in style means slowing down and taking your time.

And when it comes to circling the globe, that can mean a lot of time.

These round-the-world trips are an unforgettable chance to unplug and watch the miles go by as you see the world by air, sea or land -- with stops at some of the most spectacular places on Earth.

Around the world in 180 days

Block off six months on your calendar for a round-the-world trip aboard Oceania Cruises' luxurious line, whose staterooms are furnished with gleaming teak and neoclassical design.

As you sail from Miami, you'll make landfall on five continents before you arrive back in Miami. That's everywhere but Europe and Antarctica, touching down for a series of extraordinary shore excursions.

Head to shore in Namibia for an off-road safari across the otherworldly Namib Desert, then paddle an out-rigger canoe along the lush, tropical coast of Bora Bora. Your home for half the year ....

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