The Morning News: Capitol Hill Value Village Closing, Five Drown on Whale-Watching Boat, Jeff Bezos


So long, VV.The Stranger

Value Village on Capitol Hill Is Closing After Halloween:CHS reports the thrift store is closing on November 7. Though unfortunate, certain business conditions have made it necessary to close our Value Village thrift store in the Capitol Hill neighborhood after a number of years of leasing the space on a month-to-month basis, a spokesperson for Value Village/Savers company said.

Whale-Watching Boat Sinks, Five People Drown: A vessel with 27 people on it sank yesterday afternoon off the coast of Vancouver, BC, killing at least five people (all British nationals), with one person still missing as of press time, the Seattle Times reports.

One Person Is Driving the Fight Against Let's Move Seattle: Property owner Faye Garneau has given $150,755, or 92 percent of the campaign donations, to fight the property tax. She also bankrolled the successful effort to change our city council system to district elections, reports the Seattle Times.

Bellevue Developer Accused of Defrauding Chinese Investors: The SEC has accused Lobsang Dargey of "misappropriating anywhere from $17 million to more than $50 million" through the EB-5 visa program to spend on casino gambling, his Bellevue home, and other projects.

Worth more than the Koch brothers.

Jeff Bezos Worth $55 Billion: That's after Amazon's stock prices surged, meaning Seattle is now home to two of the three richest men in America (the other rich dude being Bill Gates, of course).

Beloved Se....

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