TASS: Military & Defense - Worlds biggest sailing ship Sedov embarks on training voyage in Baltic Se

KALININRAD, June 18. /TASS/. The worlds biggest sailing ship Sedov, which changed its home port from Murmansk in northwest Russia to Russias westernmost port city of Kaliningrad in late May, has sailed off from Svetly port in the Kaliningrad Region on a training voyage in the Baltic Sea.

"The voyage was due to begin on Saturday evening but the fog prevented the ships departure. That is why, the voyage began this morning," spokeswoman for the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (part of the Kaliningrad State Technical University, which is the ships current manager) Irina Obrazova told TASS.

There are 114 cadets from maritime educational institutions of Murmansk, Kerch and Kaliningrad aboard the barque Sedov. The sailing ship is heading for the port of Den Helder (the Netherlands).

The sailing ship Sedov will follow the route of the barque Kruzenshtern, which embarked on a training voyage on June 14, the spokeswoman said.

Both barques are expected to take part in The Tall Ships Race 2017 (STI), which will pass through Halmstad (Sweden), the Finnish ports of Kotka and Turku, Lithuanias Klaipeda and Polish Szczecin.

In August, the Russian sailing ships will also call at the German port of Rostock. The voyages are expected to be completed on August 18 in Kaliningrad.

The Sedov barque, originally named the Magdalene Vinnen II, was launched in Kiel in 1921 at Germanys Friedrich Krupp Germaniwrft. She was used as a cargo ship voyaging from Europe to South America, Australia, South Ea....

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