Russia's Threat to Poland Could Mean Profit for General Dynamics -- The Motley Fool

Three years after Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Ukrainian Crimea -- then launched incursions into eastern Ukraine as well -- neighbors are still nervous that President Vladimir Putin's tanks could one day move even farther west. Take Poland, for example.

The shortest route from Russian-occupied Crimea to the Polish border still entails a trip of some 655 miles. But there's an even shorter route that Russia could take: stepping across the border that Poland shares with Russia's Kaliningrad enclave within Eastern Europe. The fact that Russia has spent the past few years piling Kaliningrad to the rafters with new military hardware does little to allay Polish concerns.

Storm clouds loom, and tank contracts could rain down in Europe. Image source: Getty Images.

Open for bid-ness

To fend off this threat, late last month, Poland stepped up its efforts to stiffen its defenses. As The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor reports, Poland has invited local and foreign military contractors to submit bids to build it a new fleet of main battle tanks for the Polish army. Here's why.

According to the EDM, Poland's army boasts a large number of main battle tanks -- about 830 in all. For context, on paper, this force is twice the number of tanks possessed by neighboring Germany. In reality, however, more than half of Poland's tank force comprises antiquated 1970s-era T-72M1 tanks and Polish-built Twardy T-72 clones. The remainder are somewhat better-quality German Leopard 2A4 and 2A5 ....

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