RuPauls Drag Race Season 10, Episode 4: RuPocalypse, Now?

Earth Mama Ru then announced the maxi-challenge by conveniently delivering some truths.

The bad news:- Climate change is real and the world is coming to an end, he said The good news: Were throwing a ball!

The queens were commanded to assemble three looks for The Last Ball On Earth. These included Alaskan Winter Realness (Sexy bikini, fun in the sun); Miami Summer Realness (Something furry, to keep from freezing); and Martian Eleganza Extravaganza (glamour couture that will slay on your new home planet, Mars).

With three looks to construct from the bottom up, the workrooms sea level rose fast, and there was simply no time to tread in the conflama that waterlogged last weeks episode.

Monét X Change seized a roll of quilted red patent leather, then quickly bemoaned its failure to stretch. Asia OHara, an accomplished costumer who has dressed the likes of Gladys Knight and Dolly Parton, looked on in horror as Monét freehandedly hacked at the expensive fabric like Edward Scissorhands.

Dusty struggled to construct her metal corset, suffering cuts, burns and bruises from hacking at and hot-gluing the rough-edged materials. Asia generously advised Monét on the best technique for tackling her tricky textile, undamming a flood of consultations with the less Singer-savvy queens, and earning her the title the black Martha Stewart, quickly abbreviated to Blartha!

Erstwhile womens-wear student Aquaria expressed her excitement about the opportunity to prove herself as a look queen, and mused in....

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