Resort Savers, Inc. Closes $700,000 Investment in Worx America

Resort Savers, Inc. Closes $700,000 Investment in Worx America

Resort Savers, Inc. (OTCQB: RSSV) announced that it has closed a $700,000 investment in Worx America, Inc. The deal gives RSSV exclusive China rights for Worx America's proprietary environmental engineering technologies and a 20% pre-IPO equity option. In addition, the late stage investment will support the commercial development of new Worx patented technologies, which RSSV will have exclusive China rights to.

China's rapidly expanding mainland oil refining industries are under government mandated environmental pressures. This is forcing oil refineries to modernize, clean up and extract more output or face closure. Worx America's has developed a line of environmental energy technologies to meet these Chinese government mandates.

The Worx automated robotic systems quickly clean and recover clean oil from container waste sludge, resulting in increased sales and decreased tank cleaning time. The Worx multiple line of products and services give RSSV the capacity to offer proprietary solutions for onshore, offshore and subsea oil production, refining, cleaning and reclamation.

About RSSV

Resort Savers, Inc., RSSV, acquires innovative and market-ready petroleum industry technologies for installation and distribution throughout the Greater China market. Website:

About Worx America, Inc.

Worx America designs automated solutions for industrial, environmental and energy industries to improve effi....

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