Rare hybrid 100mph Mediterranean cyclone dubbed a 'Medicane' is hurtling towards Europe

These incredible images show a rare cyclone called 'Medicane' which is currently careering across the Mediterranean and set to batter Greece and Turkey this weekend.

Meteorologists are warning that the tropical-like storm is likely to develop features normally associated with a hurricane such as gale-force wings and a fiery eye at its centre. 

Medicanes a combination of the words Mediterranean and hurricane  are most likely during the autumn when the sea is warmer than 59F (15C). 

These hybrid storms only occur once or twice a year in the Mediterranean, normally in September or October.

Holidaymakers in Greece and Turkey are bracing for torrential rain and winds of up to 100mph (160kmh). 

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The Mediterranean hurricane is likely to form in the Ionian Sea to the southwest of the Greek mainland today.

However, these storms cannot officially be called hurricanes, according to Sarah Fecht from Columbia University.

'Medicanes have a lot in common with tropical storms, with strong winds spinning around a core and torrential rainfall', she wrote in her blog, which was spotted by Forbes.

'In 2014, Medicane Qendresa hit Malta with sustained winds of up to 70 miles per hour and gusts of up to 95mph. 

'Nevertheless, the waters of the Mediterranean arent extensive or warm enough to sustain the strength needed to call these storms legitimate hurricanes', she said. 

Although they form over warm waters they do not require the same degree of warmth as a proper hurricane. 

Medicanes ....

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