Raising the dead...hard drive: Inside a Belmont Hills data recovery business - Main Line Times

Belmont Hills >> When your computer crashes and all your precious data appears lost, who’re you going to call? Not Ghost Busters but perhaps a professional data recovery specialist like Don Anderson at Tri-State Data Recovery whose slogan is: Raising the Dead.

Anderson, 34, who relocated his business to Belmont Hills from New Jersey this past October, has all the specialized tools and a clean room necessary to recover data from damaged hard drives -- if it’s recoverable.

Whatever you do, don’t look up stuff on the Internet and try to fix it yourself, he warned.

“The biggest mistake that people make is thinking that any drive can be recovered no matter what was done to it and that’s not the case,” said Anderson. “They open up. They follow these do-it-yourself techniques. Somebody that’s not experienced in it, it becomes unrecoverable very easily.”

One fact that most people don’t realize is computers are like automobiles in that they have mechanical parts inside that break. About a third of laptops will break in the first three years of use, he said.

So Anderson warns small business owners to back-up their data at least once a week. Losing data that’s not able to be recovered can be catastrophic to small businesses, he said. Often, that leads to a business closing.

“For businesses, it’s critical,” he said. “For people it’s personal. Sometimes people have accounting information but most of the time it’s personal, pictures and sentimental things. Businesses, they have....

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