No More Hot Work  | Rigzone

by  Martin Parker


Lokring Technology


Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Saving money is just a bonus for engineers using new carbon-steel connections in their piping systems. Other benefits include a safer work environment and shorter project schedules.

But what really matters to engineers is the fact that Lokring makes their job significantly easier by allowing them to make connections without associated hot-work issues.

In the past, engineers in charge of repairing or installing permanent piping systems were limited to using hot work — work that involves burning and welding that might lead to fire or explosions. In addition to the obvious safety issues, welding is a source of high costs and often lost productivity for the oil and gas companies & contractors that rely on it.

"For offshore facilities and other upstream sites that use it, hot work is a major issue, and they prefer not to do it," said Martin Parker, international sales & operations director, Lokring Europe Ltd., which pioneered the LTCS-333 Process Fitting product in Aberdeen. "First and foremost, the concept gives them a 'cold work' solution."

A weld-equivalent connection

Lokring's stainless and carbon steel connections aren't new; they have been prevalent in utilities, steam, process services and a number of process applications since the early 1990s. Relying on Lokring's elastic strain preload (ESP) technology, Lokring fittings eradicate the need for welding by sealing pipes during an installation without t....

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