New Hybrid Tug at Port of San Francisco

Image courtesy Baydelta / Rolls-Royce

By MarEx 2018-02-08 20:05:00

Rolls-Royce Marine is partnering with Baydelta Maritime, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders and Crowley Maritime's naval architecture division to deliver the first ever Rolls-Royce hybrid tugboat. It will be deployed in Baydelta's ship assist and escort operations at the Port of San Francisco in early 2019, and Rolls-Royce says that it will have improved towing performance, better fuel efficiency and enhanced escort capabilities relative to its conventionally-powered peers.

“Baydelta Maritime is a long-standing customer for Rolls-Royce, but this order is of particular significance because it marks our first Rolls-Royce Hybrid System for a tug. The tug will provide improved fuel efficiency and emissions," Erik Larsen, Rolls-Royce vice president for tug and fish in the Americas. “The key benefit operating these thrusters in a hybrid configuration is that it reduced the power requirement. Typically, a tug of this size would need a power output 2500kW. The hybrid arrangement allows operators to achieve the required bollard pull from a smaller engine. It provides greater operational flexibility."

Foss Maritime pioneered the use of hybrid tugs in 2008 with the Carolyn Dorthy, a Dolphin-class tractor tug augmented with lead-ac....

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