MYS 19: Royal Yacht Brokers

Chiabara starts by giving us an update on the recent happenings in his world; “We just finalised the recent sale of a 67m, Golden Shadow. It was a very fortunate sale we worked on it very hard and finalise it with fraser as central agents and it was a great success in the market.”

He continues, “We’ve signed a very important central agency with a Custom Line Feretti 120-feet designed with Francesco Paskowski so we have the only 120 Custom Line on the market! We’re looking forward to finding a buyer.” He further eludes to the possibility of future announcements of a number of additional vessels… watch this space!

Nevertheless, despite a flurry of activity on the sales side, the brokerage is also seeing success on the charter market, which Tommasso puts down to their implementation of technology... “I like to think that we were one of the most innovative agencies in terms of digital. We were able to reach the younger clientele, the younger [...] the tech world for example which is a big market for us,” he explains. 

“[We] were able to reach them first and I believe that’s one of the key of the success of the company. Especially in the charter segment, we did incredible w....

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