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Jan. 21

The Daily Leader on the Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Public Records Act:

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It is unfortunate that the state agency tasked with incarcerating those found guilty of crimes has so little regard for the law at least certain parts of the law.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections would like the state Legislature to exempt it from parts of the Public Records Act. The act is state law, and it requires the government to release to the public the documents and records that it uses in the course of operations. There are exemptions, but generally speaking, any document used by a body of the government is open to public inspection.

The act allows the public to keep tabs on its government. It forces transparency.

But governments, generally speaking, don't like the act. It makes it harder for government agencies and boards to do their work, they complain. It is a waste of time, they say. Those documents are no one's business, they gripe.

"There should be some limits on what you are transparent about," MDOC Commissioner Pelicia Hall said.

Really? The government functions only to serve the public, yet some think the public has no business peeking behind the curtain.

To make matters worse, MDOC has been under scrutiny for years due to a public corruption scandal that sent the former MDOC commissioner to prison. Nearly $1 billion into MDOC....

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