Microsoft Invests in Undersea Cables to Connect Datacenters - Analyst Blog

In a bid to ramp up its global data center connectivity, software developer Microsoft CorporationMSFT is investing in several undersea cable projects. To build the new submarine fiber optic cables, it will partner with a consortium of telecom companies. The subsea fiber optic cables will be supplied by TE SubCom.

To connect data centers in North America to Ireland as well as the United Kingdom, Microsoft has struck a deal with two fiber companies, Hibernia and Aqua Comms. Under the partnership, Microsoft will build The Hibernia Express Cable and the The Aqua Comms cable (AEConnect).

The Hibernia Express Cable will connect Halifax, Canada to Ballinspittle, Ireland to Brean, UK. The Aqua Comms cable (AEConnect) will link Shirley, NY and Killala on the West Coast of Ireland. By using existing fiber optic cables it will extend to London and Greater Europe.

These connections will enhance user experience across the globe by offering faster access to data with higher capacity and lower latency rates, that is, the time taken by the network to retrieve information or carry out instructions after a request is made.

Microsoft will collaborate with a group consisting of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, and KT Corporation to link data centers in North America and Asia via the Pacific Ocean.

Microsoft, per these alliances, will construct its first physical "landing station" - called The Cross Pacific Cable Network - in the U.S., which will connect Hillsboro, OR with....

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