Meet the young Brexiteers with no regrets about leaving the EU

They are perhaps the group that will be hit hardest by Brexit, with the UKs decision to leave the EU creating fevered uncertainty about their job prospects in Europe.

But students at Durham University, which has garnered a reputation for being one of the most Right-leaning seats of learning in Britain, are pushing back against the doom and gloom which surrounds Brexit.

The Durham Union recently debated the motion This House regrets Brexit, pitting arch-Remainers Lord Adonis and Anna Soubry against Eurosceptic politicians such as Peter Lilley and Steven Woolfe.

To no ones great surprise, the Remainers won the day, with Lord Adonis crowing over the result on Twitter - no doubt expecting it to be the first of many victories in his campaign to reverse Brexit.

But the margin was intriguingly narrow, with 82 students deciding that they did not regret Brexit, compared to 105 who did.

The Telegraph spoke to young Brexiteers at the debate to find out why so many students voted against Lord Adonis and Ms Soubry - and why some feel daringly optimistic about the UKs future outside of the EU.

'Leave voters are more passionate...we want to broaden our horizons beyond Europe'

Tom Harwood, a 21-year-old politics students in his third year at Durham, said the tide was almost turned in favour of Brexit by passionate speeches from Eurosceptic students.

Those floor speeches were what affected the room the most, he said. They spoke about the economic predictions made by the Remain campaign being false an....

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