Maverick Synfuels announces Maverick Oasis product line

Maverick Synfuels, a leader in alternative chemicals and fuels production technology, has announced the availability of the Maverick Oasis BG Gas-to-Liquid methanol plant product line. These plants convert biogas from sources such as anaerobic digesters and landfills into higher value methanol, one of the world’s most widely used industrial chemicals. When paired with anaerobic digesters that produce renewable biogas from organic waste, the Maverick Oasis BG product line is the first small-scale, economically viable solution that simultaneously reduces greenhouse gas emissions while helping to solve environmental problems associated with dairy and swine waste as well as other organic waste. The Maverick Oasis system offers a new revenue stream for producers of biogas and an alternative to generating electricity or venting destructive greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Methane-rich biogas originates from numerous sources, including landfills and anaerobic digesters associated with wastewater treatment plants, dairy farms and other organic waste treatment facilities. Anaerobic digesters process animal, food, and other organic waste into biogas, a combination of methane and carbon dioxide. There are 1000s of potential biogas and landfill gas producers in the U.S. alone that could derive improved economic benefit by converting methane-rich gas into methanol.

According to the American Biogas Council, the U.S. has over 2,000 sites producing biogas today. However, there is a tremen....

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