Kroenke's LA stadium plan again comes under fire : Sports

Less than a week after a report warned that Stan Kroenkes proposed stadium in Inglewood, Calif., would be vulnerable to terrorists because of its proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, another report was made public Tuesday regarding overall safety concerns of having the stadium built so close to flight paths into that airport.

The reports have one thing in common: they were commissioned by AEG, the sports and entertainment firm trying to get an NFL stadium built in downtown Los Angeles, and thus a rival of the Inglewood plan put together by Rams owner Kroenke.

Unlike the earlier terrorism report which was authored by Tom Ridge, a former Secretary of Homeland Security the latest one was done by Mark Rosenker, a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

According to the Rosenker report, approaching aircraft could be as little as 300 feet above the Inglewood stadium, potentially dangerously close for the safety of the plane as well as fans in the stadium.

The (safety) margins are not there, Rosenker told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday. You lose an engine. Something bad has happened for whatever reason, and you have got to come down quickly. This is not a place that you want to be having to dodge around to guarantee that you get in there safely and not collide with anything before you touch that touchdown zone.

Its a bad idea, just in general. ... Why put something that could be a catastrophic result in a place, where if you put it anyplace else, you take ....

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