History buffs climb aboard the Nina, Pinta | Local News

Using a pulley, 4-year-old Griffin Pagan busied himself hoisting a bundle of thick rope aboard a replica of Columbus' famed Nina, which docked alongside the Pinta at English Park on Thursday.

The pair of floating museums opened for visitors Friday morning. Throughout the day, a steady stream of guests boarded these replicas of Columbus' ships, which he used to discover parts of the Caribbean in 1492.

The Nina and Pinta will remain at English Park through Aug. 12. They are open to guests from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There is no Santa Maria replica. Why not?

"(S)he never made it back to Europe, she is too big to make it through the waterways these ships go through, and Christopher Columbus did not like the Santa Maria because she was very slow and clumsy," according to literature from the Columbus Foundation, which operates these replicas.

To view the ships, adult tickets cost $8.50. Senior citizens pay $7.50, and children ages 5 to 16 are charged $6.50. Kids 4 and younger can board for free.

Will and Sharon Pagan of Owensboro brought their grandsons, Andrew and Griffin Pagan. The boys saw the ships a couple of weeks ago and wanted to see them again, but it was a first for Grandmother and Granddaddy.

"I find it hard to believe (crews) lived in such tight quarters for such a long period of time," Sharon Pagan said.

The Nina and Pinta were caravels, or small sailing vessels, used by explorers during the Age of Discovery. The 65-foot-long Nina reportedly Columbus' favorite of the three was arm....

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