'High Life,' 'In the Tall Grass,' 'Diego Maradona,' 'Toy Story 4,' and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming optionsnot only the titles at our disposal, but services themselveseach week we highlight the noteworthy titles that have recently hit platforms. Check out this week’s selections below and an archive of past round-ups here.

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (Eva Husson)

A post-9/11 world rife with domestic terrorism is one our youth should be allowed to avoid. Parents seek an escape as well, though, something that risks leaving their kids alone without supervision for longer than recommended. This concept is never more prevalent than within the affluent sector of society where expendable income and exotic jobs leave a ton of latchkey children trying to defeat boredom. Internet connectivity provides whatever their hearts desire, freedom the ample opportunity to do as they please. Social pressures must be relieved and sex is easily the quickest and cheapest way to do so. Maturity, however, renders such a laissez faire attitude problematic, especially when physical release isn’t the initial purpose of their pleasure. Eva Husson’s Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) begins with the alternative: love. – Jared M. (full review)

Where to Stream: MUBI (free for 30 days)

A Bread Factory (Patrick Wang)

With a small theatrical release and its runtime of four hours (split across two parts) its not particularly surprising that Patrick Wangs A Bread Factory went overlooked last fall, but one should seek it outand it’s now finally arriving on streaming. One ....

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