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by  Andreas Exarheas


Rigzone Staff


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


With new EU offshore safety regulations due to come into force July 19, Rigzone offers tips and guidance for companies on how to deal with the new rules.

After the Deepwater Horizon incident occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, the European Commission (EC) reviewed the existing regulatory framework around Europe. It concluded that the divergent and fragmentary nature of the requirements in place applying to the safety of offshore oil and gas operations did not provide adequate assurance that risks from offshore accidents were minimized.

As a result, the European Commission published the Offshore Directive June 28, 2013. This aims to "help prevent accidents, as well as respond promptly and efficiently should one occur. The Directive, broadly based on the UK's current offshore safety regime according to the UK's Health and Safety Executive, includes requirements relating to licensing, environmental protection, emergency response and liability, as well as safety. And it will come into effect in just a few weeks' time, June 19.

Under the new regulations companies must prepare a major hazard report for their offshore installation, before exploration or production begins. This report must contain a risk assessment, as well as an emergency response plan, and be updated whenever appropriate.

The major hazard report is also subject to a thorough periodic review by the operator at least every five years. An estimate of ....

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