Golden Rule returns home, biggest trip yet planned

The famed nuclear weapons protest vessel the Golden Rule is back home in Humboldt Bay for minor repairs and upkeep work before setting off on its longest trip yet — its original intended trip — in the coming months.

The ship gained fame in the late-1950s when its crew attempted to sail it into the U.S. nuclear testing area near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard twice stopped the Golden Rule as it attempted to sail from Hawaii to the testing area and brought the crew back to a Honolulu jail.

The ship ended up in Humboldt Bay where it sank but was pulled up in 2010. A crew of dedicated locals rallied around efforts to restore the boat to its former glory which came to fruition in July 2015 when the vessel was relaunched.

The Golden Rule never made it to its original crew’s intended destination but now, about 60 years after the first failed attempt, the current crew plans on taking the vessel to the Marshall Islands and beyond to Japan to coincide with the August 2020 75th anniversary of the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of World War II.

“We are leaving Sept. 9 from here at 11 a.m.,” Golden Rule crewmember Helen Jaccard said standing next to the ship which is docked at the Eureka Public Marina.

She invited people to come see it set sail because it won’t be back for almost four years if all goes to plan.

“We’ll be in Asia until the spring of 2021,” Jaccard said.

She said that while the ship is here it will undergo some mi....

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