Flowserve 2.0 and the journey to supply chain transformation | Supply Chain Digital

Space is a premium commodity on a floating production, storage and offloading unit (FPSO). Offshore oil and gas is a key market for Flowserve, which leads the world when it comes to flow control, but outside that industry it's not always understood what a critical role pumps, valves and actuators play on a production platform, nor the amount of room these take up on an oil rig.

The most expensive real estate in the world is the back of an offshore platform, says Ronaldo Marques, Vice President Supply Chain, and he should know, having over a 25-year career led strategic procurement and supply chain for some of the most recognized O&G companies. These include Texaco, Chevron, and most recently Shell, where he was responsible for an annual spend of $9bn. He joined Flowserve in April 2017, attracted by the opportunity to make a real difference in a company that recognized the need to integrate its supply chain operations and bring this vital aspect of the business into the heart of its strategic decision making.

Let's look again at the FPSO example. Pumps and valves are the core of the equipment, but the smart part of the installation is the actuator which controls the flow. More than a million of Flowserve's Limitorque division actuators have been installed around the world, and some have been in operation for more than 50 years. Their ruggedness and reliability are legendary. Recently a client constructing a new FPSO found there was not enough space on the platform to ac....

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