Fiber-optic Cable Firm: Remote Alaskan Communities to Get Broadband Boost Dec. 1

Broadband coming to northern Alaska on Dec. 1st

A spokesman for the Anchorage-based company thats building a fiber-optic cable system in northern Alaska announced this week when itll activate the system that will bring broadband to five northern coastal communities.

The system will go live Dec. 1 in those northwest Alaska communities all of them, Quintillion spokesman Tim Woolston said Tuesday. He says thats good news for the people who live in Nome, Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright and Utqiagvik, formerly known as Barrow.

Were excited to finish this project and provide high-speed broadband to these communities that have needed it for so long, he said.

The cable will supplement and in some cases replace the slower satellite-based system thats provided substandard Internet access in those and other remote Alaskan communities for years. Woolston says Quintillion laid cable last year, but had to bring its contractors ships back to finish the task.

Theres a little bit more work that needs to be done starting this July, when the ice conditions are favorable, so we can get ships back on the water, he said.

Quintillion CEO Elizabeth Pierce says the company had to bring in the ships to use a specially designed tool to bury the cable deeply into the sea floor, to protect it from hazards like a ship dragging its anchor and the more uniquely Arctic threat of being damaged by chunks of ice scraping along the ocean floor a hazard known as ice gouging.

There can be some very deep cuts into the....

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