Eyeing 2020, Trump Fund-Raisers Return to Familiar Well: Small Donors

Mr. Trumps commitment to that approach seemed to be affirmed in February when he announced as his re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale, who championed a social media-driven operation in 2016, when he served as digital director.

During the first three months of this year, Mr. Parscales firm was paid $1.7 million for digital consulting and online advertising, according to Sundays reports. Much of that was probably passed through to website and social media platforms, though the campaign also paid Facebook $4,700 for ads directly.

An additional $2.3 million was spent on direct mail, which is typically used to solicit small and medium-size donations, while $210,000 went to a collection of eight fund-raising consultants, and $158,000 was spent on telemarketing.

The committees spent nearly $700,000 on merchandise offered for sale to supporters primarily through Mr. Trumps campaign website, with $204,000 of that going at least partially for hats presumably including the red Make America Great Again hats that became emblematic of Mr. Trumps campaign.

The investment in low-dollar fund-raising is already paying dividends. More than half of the total raised by the three committees this year came from donors who gave $200 or less, the reports show.

To be sure, the Trump Victory committee, which was created to raise big checks from major donors, did raise $4.9 million from more than 60 donors who gave $20,000 or more each, including $250,000 checks from the Wisconsin industrialist Eliza....

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