Erwin Bamps on Gulf Crafts 50+ metre superyacht projects | SuperYacht Times

Middle Eastern shipyard Gulf Craft announced their intentions to enter the 50+ metre superyacht market in September. The announcement came with the unveiling of two new superyacht concepts, the Majesty 175 and the Majesty 200, ready to be constructed with the backing of a passionate superyacht client. Here we talk with Gulf Craft’s CEO, Erwin Bamps, about Gulf Craft’s decision to build bigger.

Gulf Craft has recently announced its intentions to enter the 50+ metre market. Tell us more about this decision to build bigger boats?

Since Gulf Craft’s inception, the company has always had strong and far-reaching ambitions. Within a short span of time, the shipyard has witnessed tremendous growth – both in production capacity and in product size. In just 25 years, Gulf Craft’s humble beginnings of building family and fishing boats in the desert expanded to include a diverse portfolio of sport yachts and cruisers, and luxurious superyachts. Today our award-winning Majesty Yachts series has established us as one of the world’s top-ranking superyacht manufacturers.

This has not been an easy feat – as a builder competing with globally recognised brands, it means you must stay ahead of the curve when it comes research, development, technology, and innovation. It also means you must always have your ears on the ground, listening closely to your clients, understanding their needs, recognising how their requirements continue to change over time, and then using that insight to create timeless m....

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