Engine Of The Asian Cruise Industry

By Lucy SmithJune 6, 2017

File photo: Dream Cruises

Cruise holidays. Despite the now mundane miracle of aviation travel, Earth's deep oceans and seas still beckon to millions of holidaymakers year on year. Or, if perhaps not the water herself, then the concomitant aspects of contemporary cruise travel. A number of days if not weeks aboard a gargantuan, luxury-focused ship, which is replete from fore to aft with swimming pools, cafes, bars, restaurants, libraries, retail departments, casinos…did we mention bars, too? Magnificent. And if the isolation of being aboard a colossal wave-cutter, dining with captain and crew and reading your favorite book with your favorite cocktail while the sun glistens golden across the azure surface… yes, if all of that grows tiresome during your stay, you always have the option of disembarking when the cruise ship makes port. There's no harm in exploring a new city, is there? Caribbean Cruises, Baltic Cruises, Mediterranean Cruises–for much of the previous decade these types of vacations have become synonymous with middle-aged and elderly westerners. Indeed, the average age of a cruise traveler in the west during the last decade has been around 49 years old. Enter the Asian cruise industry. Now ranked second in the cruise market industry, having overtaken the Mediterranean. With 60 ships operating in the APAC region, 14 of those year round, and a grand total of 7,918 days travelled during 2016 by these ships—this industry is surging forwards. And ....

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