Chinas latest gas tanker is as big as an aircraft carrier

Pan Asia, China's largest LNG carrier, was put into service in Shanghai on 15 October.

With a length of 290 m and a width of 46.95 m, it is similar to an aircraft carrier in size and is now China's largest LNG carrier.

"This tanker showcases the peak of China's ship building technology," Huang Guoliang, manager of the Pan Asia project, told CCTV.

The tanker can carry 174 000 m3 of LNG, which can gasify into 107 million m3 of natural gas.

In other words, it can supply enough gas for the consumption of 600 000 households for a year, if the average consumption of each household is approximately 15 m3.

"We're building three more of this type," Huang added. "The shipping capacity will exceed 6 million t."

That's one quarter of all the clean energy sources imported to China in 2016.

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