Brexit is a Tory project as a member of Momentum, this is why I back a Final Say

The truth is that there is no real life Brexit that doesnt leave us a poorer and meaner country: Getty

How is it August already? is probably the thought a few of us woke up with this morning. It seems inconceivable that it has been more than 2 years from the referendum vote, more than a year since the snap general election of 2017, and a mere eight months until the moment when the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union. Time flies when the countrys political fabric is unravelling before our eyes.

As a left-wing Labour member and a Momentum activist, I will be the first to tell you none of the votes of the last two years went the way I initially expected them to. And it is that uncertainty that makes a lot of people on the left uncomfortable with the idea of a Final Say on Brexit. "What if we lose," they say. Of course I see where they are coming from it is years of austerity, the hollowing out of democracy, and the denying people a meaningful say on how their local communities are run, that brought us to the Brexit vote. We cant deny it happened, and we cant deny that Labour failed to engage people who should have been standing alongside us, campaigning for public investment, council houses, better schools and higher wages, rather than pandering to anti-migrant sentiment. Its easy to imagine how the failures of the original campaign, and the dissatisfaction fostered by neoliberalism over decades, may come back to haunt us again.

But there are deeper processes at work h....

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