Boosting SA broadband: New subsea cable will connect Cape Town to Brazil

JOHANNESBURG The advent of undersea broadband cables such as Seacom on Africa’s eastern coastline has had a major impact on the quality and pricing of faster internet broadband in South Africa. More cables, such as WACS, have also boosted the country’s ability to connect to the world. But while there are cables running up the eastern and western coastlines of the continent, there still isn’t a cable running east to west. A US company called Seaborn Networks plans to fix that by building the first-ever subsea cable between Cape Town and Brazil. The cable will then ultimately connect to the US, shaving off milliseconds from South Africa’s internet latency speed. Here’s Seaborn COO Andy Bax who told me more about this project. – Gareth van Zyl

On the line from CT I have Andy Bax, who is the COO of a US-based company called Seaborn Networks. Now, this company is going to build the first and only direct subsea broadband cable between CT and Brazil. Andy, why build this cable?

Hi, Gareth, thanks for having me on, first of all. So, why build the direct cable? So, if you look at the ecosystem that exists today for not just CT but Africa as a Continent, in general. Connectivity to the rest of the world involves going either up the West-Coast or up the East-Coast, and then some rather tricky traversents through the Middle-East, and Southern Europe and into Northern Europe. Then across maybe the Atlantic to the US.

What that basically means is that to get to where, as a consumer you dont....

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