Bands Abroad: Susto goes Euro

Welcome to our new series, where traveling local acts enlighten us about their experiences on and off stage in far-flung places. Susto's Justin Osborne kicks off Bands Abroad with deets from their last long tour that began in the Netherlands back in January and took them through Scotland, England, Denmark, Norway, capping off in Sweden in March. Though Osborne's been back to Europe this summer solo, he focused on Susto's long winter in Northern Europe. "All the solo tours I've been on have been so fast-paced that I barely remember anything other than being in a constant state of panic that I'd miss a bus or a train or a plane, and being constantly exhausted from hauling my guitar/merch/and personal belongings with me everywhere I went," he says. "It's work."

Where we slept

To be honest we have had really great experiences with lodging abroad. Outside the US and Canada, we've only really toured in Europe so far, so I can't speak for the entire world, but in Europe and especially Scandinavia, we always each get our own sweet little Euro single rooms that feel a bit like a cruise ship. Unlike in the US, it's really common for the venue or promoter to provide hotel rooms, which is really nice because touring abroad can otherwise be really expensive. Also, the breakfast in Euro hotels is usually insanely good, in our experience. Sometimes, though, you find yourself staying somewhere a bit strange, but those spots are hard to describe sometimes they're like some tiny little ....

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